Executive Pastry Chef. Amit Mehta | Cogent Foods Pvt Ltd - Mumbai, India.

    Create - The Super Mousse arrived at my kitchen in Mumbai promptly, in a neatly designed, sturdy packaging. This could turn any liquid into a sauce or mousse, it proclaimed. As a Pastry Chef with a scientific bent of mind, I immediately started to marvel at its bravado. My first test to use this, was a rather simple one. All I did was to add some of the contents to a bowl of potable tap water, gave it a good whisk, and voila!, this turned the water into the lightest, creamiest texture you would never have imagined water to be. My choice of water was intentional, wherein, I wanted to taste any residual flavours that TSM may impart to the base liquid. There was nothing but the pure tastelessness of water in that bowl!

    This brought about a flood of ideas that I could use this super ingredient for. An orange mousse was one such fascination. I always wanted to serve intensely flavoured oranges in a subtle, light and creamy texture, but I loathed the combination of whipped cream with citrus. The Super Mousse enabled me to have an unadulterated orange mousse, by just combining it with freshly squeezed orange juice. My experiment with water and the Super Mousse started to open doors that I earlier thought weren't possible. A super quick caramel fudge sauce served warm, whipped up in a siphon, or a super intense chocolate mousse, or a pretty and earthy carrot or beetroot fluid gel were just some of the ideas crossing my mind. All this with just The Super Mousse and a hand held whisk, and with as little effort as mixing up some eggs and seasoning for an omelette.

    'The Super Mousse' is a success for chefs of all expertise levels, and as the name suggests, imagination, or lack of it, is the only impediment in using it to it's full potential. I wish to congratulate Chef Chiarini and his team for this brilliant culinary innovation, and wish him all the very best for its successful global launch.

Executive Chef. Luca De Santis | Hotel NH Collection Barbizon Palace - Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    My name is Luca De Santis and I’m an Italian Executive Chef here in Amsterdam, with international experience and in contact with Michelin starred and professional chefs from all nationalities. My style of cooking ranges from classic Italian cuisine to molecular fusion. When I heard about the creation of Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini, (TSM) The Super Mousse, I was excited to try it. I'm always looking for interesting and natural tools that helps to create incredible textures and new solutions and I have to say that this was the case. I worked with (TSM) The Super Mousse, starting with beetroot, to test the quality of the product in the absence of lactose and to create a mousse with a very light and airy consistency, without the fat and heaviness of lactose substances. I must say that the result was phenomenal, I will definitely repeat it.

    I continued with an oriental meat broth gel, obtained by mixing hot bullion with (TSM) The Super Mousse. I was impressed by the consistency of TSM and the final flavor profile. Other products normally remain floury and affect the real taste. What I noticed is that the product accentuates a bit the acidity. I use many acidic products and it is one of my strong points of cooking. After the broth, I decided to use this product to adjust the consistency of the kimchi ravioli, which is a part of this dish. As you know kimchi is very juicy and I could have squeezed it and let it in the fridge all night. But it would have become mushy and dry. A great result, thanks to (TSM) The Super Mousse which helped to thicken the liquid. To conclude, (TSM) The Super Mousse is a really interesting product, suitable for professional kitchens as well as for everyday cooking, an essential help for every chef. I'm still studying different applications with the product, but I'm sure the choices are endless.

Executive Pastry Chef. Marco Virgili | Rist. La Torre di Numana - AN, Italy (Michelin Guide).

    Italiano: Sono Marco Virgili e sono un cuoco professionista. Ho lavorato in ristoranti stellati e molto attenti alla ricerca della materia prima ed anche alla soddisfazione del cliente. In questo momento lavoro da circa un anno al ristorante La Torre di Numana come responsabile di Pasticceria. Ho avuto modo di preparare una mousse al cioccolato per dei clienti intolleranti al lattosio utilizzando Create - The Super Mousse. Un prodotto che ho conosciuto da qualche mese e che mi consente di elaborare numerosi piatti anche e soprattutto per clienti con celiachia o intolleranti ad esempio al lattosio. Ho preparato la mousse al cioccolato semplicemente sciogliendo il cioccolato fondente insieme a latte di soia e aggiungendo Create - The Super Mousse, che mi ha consentito di rendere la mousse soffice e spumosa. È per questo motivo che mi sento di consigliarla a tutti i miei colleghi, che ogni giorno lavorano per soddisfare i bisogni del cliente. Dal salato al dolce Create - The Super Mousse è il braccio destro di ogni cuoco!

    English: My name is Marco Virgili and I’m a professional chef. I have worked in Michelin-starred restaurants and other restaurants which are very meticulous with the research of raw materials and also with the customer satisfaction. At this moment I have been working for about a year at the restaurant La Torre di Numana as Executive Pastry Chef. I had the opportunity to prepare a chocolate mousse for lactose intolerant customers using Create - The Super Mousse. A product that I have known for a few months and that allows me to elaborate numerous dishes, especially for customers with celiac disease or lactose intolerant guests. I prepared the chocolate mousse simply by melting dark chocolate together with soy milk, and adding Create - The Super Mousse, and the result was a delicious, soft and fluffy mousse. These are the reasons why I recommend it to all my colleagues, who work every day to satisfy their customer's needs. From savory to sweet Create - The Super Mousse is the right hand of every cook!